Igsas Towers

Earthquake performance assesment, preparation of retrofit projects and soil improvement projects of both 60 meters high stack and prilling tower in IGSAS Facilities

Client: İstanbul Gübre A.Ş. Location: Kocaeli Site Area (m2): Year of Completion: 2017

Aksa Factory Blocks

Assessment of current earthquake performances and prepararion of retrofit projects of 607-707 Polimerization Building and 207 DOP Preparing Building in facilities

Client: Aksa Chemistry Location: Yalova Site Area (m2): 30000 Year of Completion: 2017

Akkim Factory Blocks

Non-linear performance assesment based-on 475 years returning period earthquake and preparation of retrofit project of reinforced concrete industrial structure with 450 m2 settlement area

Client: Akkim Chemistry Location: Yalova Site Area (m2): 1800 Year of Completion: 2017

Atakaş Water Tank

Determination of the causes of damages via investigation of static project and application and preparation of a technical report on safety level issues after application of interventions on the structure of damaged emergency water reservoir of 59 meters

Client: Atakaş Metal Industry Location: Hatay Site Area (m2): Year of Completion: 2016

Post-Fire Assessment of Dayi Plastic Factory

Determination of earthquake performances and preparation of retrofit projects of 3 factory structures exposed to fire

Client: Groupama Insurance Location: İstanbul Site Area (m2): 45000 Year of Completion: 2017

Gunduz Fur Factory

Earthquake performance assesments and preparation of retrofit projects of factory structures

Client: Gunduz Fur Inc. Location: Tekirdağ Site Area (m2): 9200 Year of Completion: 2018

Kütahya Porcelain Factory Blocks

Earthquake performance assessment of factory blocks

Client: Yapı Teknik Project Location: Kütahya Site Area (m2): 50000 Year of Completion: 2015

AVEA RF Towers

Evaluation of physical condition and safety assessment of 5 RF antennas in differrent areas

Client: Nokia - IRIS Location: Turkey Site Area (m2): Year of Completion: 2015

Çimentaş Factory

Prepariation of retrofit suggestions based on on-site investigations and the finite element model of the structure

Client: Alesta Expertise Location: İstanbul Site Area (m2): 8900 Year of Completion: 2015

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