Services including design, assessment and strengthening of existing, industrial and historical structures against earthquakes, differential soil settlements and explosion effects.


Long and short term structural health monitoring.
System identification and model updating.
Service level control and monitoring.


Turnkey retrofit applications.
Project management for retrofit applications.
Consultancy and quality control services for retrofit applications.


Software development for structural engineering.
Design guideline preperation.
Test and R&D services for structural engineering.

Retrofit of Existing Buildings

Retrofit of Heritage Structures

Retrofit of Industrial Facilities

Inelastic Design of Tall Buildings

RISE Structural Engineering


Founded in 2014, on top of a vast academic experience, RISE Engineering aims to amalgam state-of-the-art structural engineering practice and research for delivering creative solutions for structures subjected to extreme loading conditions (such as earthquake, blast, snow and wind loads). The capabilities of the RISE Engineering staff lay the ground for providing expert service to a wide spectrum of earthquake and structural engineering related issues.

We try hard to supply clear solutions that are consistent with the needs of our clients. We follow most-recent national and international design codes and guidelines, and if required; we research, develop, and present the best solution.

Earthquake Performance Assessment of Existing Structures
Seismic Retrofit of Structures
Rehabilitation of Heritage Structures
Inelastic Design of Tall Buildings
Design of New Structures
Effects of Differential Soil Settlements on Structures
Post-Event Damage Assessment
Blast Resistant Assessment and Design of Structures
Business Continuity Assessment of Industrial Facilities
Site-Specific Earthquake Hazard Analysis
Seismic Assessment and Design of Non-Structural Members
Consultancy and Peer-Review on Structural Engineering Projects
Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring
System Identification and Model Updating
Servicebility Level Control and Monitoring
Deep Excavations Induced Tilt and Settlement Monitoring
NDT Based Investigations
Pre-Post Intervention Monitoring
Turnkey Structural Retrofit Solutions
Project Management for Structural Retrofit Applications
Consultancy and Quality Control Service for Structural Retrofit Applications
Software Development on Structural Engineering
Design Guideline Preparation
Laboratory Tests of Structural Members and Materials
Onsite Large Scale Structural Tests
Research and Development on Demand

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